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One More City is an annual cycling campaign in October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) with a simple ethos: the journey is never over; we are always progressing towards the next city, there are always more kilometres to do, more climbs to conquer and more challenges to face. This is akin to the reality of anyone living with cancer, especially secondary cancer, for whom the challenge is never over; there are always more treatments to endure, more scans to face, more side effects to manage.

One More City is focused on raising awareness of secondary breast cancer, and funding innovative research into this disease which killed nearly 12,000 women in 2016 in the UK alone.

One More City was founded by Christine O’Connell, a keen cyclist who was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer in 2018. For more about Christine, please see ‘About Us.’


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One More City started in 2017 with 4 friends riding from London to Paris in under 24 hours.


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In 2018, One More City evolved to 32 riders taking on a 3-day cycling challenge. We rode 630 kilometers from Paris to Amsterdam in 3 days.


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In 2019, 30 riders completed Amsterdam to Strasbourg in 4 days, covering 720km. In 2020, we’ll be riding from Strasbourg to Salzburg (map coming soon!)