About Us

Photo by Dan Glasser

Photo by Dan Glasser


One More City is an annual cycling campaign during Breast Cancer awareness month (October) that moves from city to city, starting from where the previous year’s ride has finished. In 2017 we rode from London to Paris in 24 hours, and in 2018 we undertook the 600k from Paris to Amsterdam over 3 days.


One More City is focused on raising funds for research into secondary breast cancer, a disease which killed nearly 12,000 women in 2016 in the UK alone.  For more information about secondary breast cancer and the ground-breaking research we are funding, please (see the Why We Ride section). One More City works with Imperial Health Charity to fund research at Imperial College London.


The ethos of One More City is that the journey is never over; we are always progressing towards the next city, there are always more kilometres to do, more climbs to conquer and more challenges to face. This is akin to the reality of anyone living with cancer, especially secondary cancer, for whom the challenge is never over; there are always more treatments to endure, more scans to face, more side effects to manage.

Photo credit - Richard Lewisohn

Photo credit - Richard Lewisohn

How we started

One More City started in 2017 with 4 friends riding from London to Paris in 24 hours.  That year we raised funds for Breast Cancer Haven, a support service for anyone affected by breast cancer.  One of the riders, Christine, had benefited from the services of the Haven following her breast cancer diagnosis in 2012.

The ride was such a great success that we decided to do it again in 2018, but in February 2018 Christine suffered a seizure while cycling through London, which led to the discovery of a brain tumour and a diagnosis of secondary breast cancer. As she learned more about her diagnosis, Christine was struck by the relative paucity of research funding into secondary breast cancer as compared to primary breast cancer and the team decided to focus their fundraising on innovative research, specifically a a Ph.D student conducting research into secondary breast cancer.

Despite ongoing treatment, Christine is a keen cyclist, and in 2018 clocked up nearly 10,000k. Cycling helped her recover from breast cancer treatment the first time around in 2013, and continues to be her escape from the burden of secondary cancer.

To read more about Christine’s story, please see her blog.

One More City & The RCC

The name ‘One More City’ came from a meeting Christine had with Rapha founder and CEO Simon Mottram.  As they discussed the concept of a perpetual ride, Simon emphasised the importance of a compelling name and brand, and the discussion did not finish until an appropriate name had been identified.  One More City is grateful for the advice and support of Simon and Rapha in getting the ride off the ground and we continue to work with Rapha Custom to produce our wonderful OMC kit.

One More City would not exist without the Rapha Cycling Club (RCC). The RCC is a global community for cyclists, and the majority of our participants, and many of our supporters are RCC members.